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Let’s be honest; nobody is ever excited to get a root canal. Unfortunately, this treatment is necessary when infected or dead tissue is found inside the pulp space of your tooth. With the assistance of Reidville Dentistry in Waterbury, CT, however, you've got nothing to worry about. Using the latest tools and techniques to hit the market, our certified professionals are able to perform root canal treatments in Waterbury without causing much pain. Best of all, we've erased most of the standard recovery time associated with this procedure.

This infected pulp can be extremely painful and the only way you will be able to find relief is to have a root canal. After the root canal is finished and the dead or infected tissue is removed, we will then place a crown on your tooth to protect your tooth from damage like a fracture.

The Advantages of Modern Root Canal Therapy

With the assistance of our team, you may be able to save your natural tooth. While this isn't always the case, our qualified professionals are able to administer root canal therapy in many instances. When all is said and done, you're going to love the fresh and restored appearance of your smile. Be sure to browse the following section to learn more about this modern treatment option!

Minimal Discomfort

Most of our patients report little pain throughout this process. In most instances, our talented professionals will have you out the door before you know it! Through the effective use of modern anesthesia, you will experience less discomfort than the standard extraction process.

Cost-Effective Results

Tooth extractions often prove more expensive than root canals. This is due to the follow-up appointments required by extractions. Keep in mind, it's recommended that patients receive a denture, bridge or implant after their tooth has been fully removed.

Look Your Best

Once we lay your new crown, you're going to look great and feel even better. This technology not only functions like a real tooth, but nobody will know the difference. Feel confident with the assistance of Reidville Dentistry!

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You don’t have to be afraid of root canals any longer. Our team will ease your concerns by talking you through the entire procedure. This way, you will remain aware of each step. We don't think you should have to suffer any longer! Keeping this in mind, we provide simple scheduling policies and efficient care for patients throughout Waterbury, Connecticut and beyond. If you are in pain because of your teeth, please give us a call. We’ll set up an appointment right away so you can achieve relief. Before you know it, you will be back to enjoying your favorite foods without any discomfort. It's that simple!

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